Tree Skirt White & Silver (122cm)

Tree Skirt White & Silver (122cm)


Christmas tree skirt color: white + silver sequins snowflake.

Christmas tree skirt material: Faux fur

Tree skirts diameter: 48 inches (122 cm), suitable for any tree size.

Skirt is made of high quality resin plush fabrics, embroidered snowflake pattern embellishment, fluffy appearance, soft and comfortable.

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Christmas tree skirt diameter: 48 inch, 122cm. Artificial fur white tree skirt, suitable for any tree size. Choose from 2 colors to add more feasts to your home (gold or silver snowflakes).

Tree skirt material: Luxurious artificial fur Christmas tree skirt made of pure white plush embroidered silver snowflake sequins. It is beautiful, fluffy, soft and comfortable.

Practical design: Double-layer fabric design, well-made. The soft and comfortable tree skirt is the favorite place for pets and children in winter, enjoying family happiness and adding a festive atmosphere to your home.

Durable double-layer fabric design that will last for several years.

It is the perfect Christmas tree snowbed, adding a mountain feeling to your festive atmosphere.