Nutcrackers White & Gold (set of 5pcs)

Nutcrackers White & Gold (set of 5pcs)


According to German folklore, nutcrackers were given as keepsakes to bring good luck to your family and protect your home.

The legend says that a nutcracker represents power and strength and serves like a trusty watch dog guarding your family from evil spirits and danger.

This will brighten up the look of any room and makes a perfect addition to any home’s décor.

Create Christmas cheer in your home with beautifully designed decor you’ll want to put up year after year.

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  • These Nutcracker ornaments feature a variety of classic and popular Christmas elements. They will be perfect for decorating your home and become part of your holiday tradition.
  • With a rope on their hat, it can be used as Christmas ornament or stand up on tables etc.
  • Size: 5inches/13cm tall, wood material, colorful hand painted, vintage design.
  • Please note our nutcrackers are meant to be purely decorative, and cannot actually crack nut shells (although you could try a peanut…).