Guitar Ice Cube Tray Mold

Guitar Ice Cube Tray Mold


♪♪♪  Stiiiiir it up and keep your drink cold while you work on your sweet tunes! This ice cube mold is the perfect Christmas gift for any musician or music lover!

♪♪♪ This tray uses 3 stirrers for guitar necks which freeze right into the ice cube. One tray makes 3 ice guitars and two small musical notes.

♪♪♪ The guitar necks are clever drink stirrers that can be frozen right into the ice, or be used as ice cream stick or even cake decoration.

♪♪♪ Liven up any drink with these festive ice cubes!


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Material: Flexible silicone tray

Package Contents: 1 x Guitar Ice Cube Tray, 3 x Stirrers